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In 1990, the owners of Flash Foods, Inc., made a decision to begin to co-brand their convenience stores with nationally recognized quick serve restaurant brands. The first location, a converted Stucky’s location in Unadilla, Georgia, was reimaged and branded Dairy Queen and opened in the summer of 1991. 

After much success with the first location, development deals were soon signed with Subway and the first location was opened in Ocilla, Georgia, in 1994.  A year after that Taco Bell was introduced and then our first Krystal franchise was opened in Hazlehurst, Georgia, in 1996.  As of today we operate ten Krystal restaurants; five Subway restaurants; four Dairy Queen restaurants; and one Taco Bell restaurant all located in Georgia and North East Florida.  Of these, a few are free standing and all others are co-branded with Flash Foods convenience stores.

With over 400 employees representing our four national brands, the Jones Company Restaurants have become an integral part of The Jones Company and Flash Foods.  Growth continues with the opening of our newest location, our company’s first Subway Café in Amelia Island, Florida, in the summer of 2013.